Sunday, November 23, 2014

D A R K N A I L S . It's my thing.

llovestoshare: Dark Nails - OPI You Don't Know Jaques!

Call me a creature of habit, but when it comes to my nails I like them dark. A L W A Y S . Here are my silly reasons why 1. I think it makes me look older and 2. It's Chic. My favorites shades are 'Lincoln Park After Dark' and this week's winner 'You Don't Know Jacques!'. Originally I tried to talk myself into a red to go a festive direction but sometimes change freaks me out, so Jacques! won. It has a grey/brownish hue to it which equals fall to me. Chic Fall. I'm also a fan of any O P I polish in particular because painting my own nails stresses me out due to the fact that my patients will run out if I can't manage to keep the paint on my nail and not all over my skin - luckily their brushes are the best and wide so you can cover your whole nail in basically two strokes. And my mom let me borrow this magical fast-dry top coat so my nails are officially looking good for the week ahead.

Now to start think about my turkey day outfit.
Stay tune. xx

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