Wednesday, June 25, 2014

fact: i still care.

funny how when you create a blog you have all these ideas for it 
and think about what you would like to achieve with it 
- and for what ever reason life happens, and things change, and none of it got accomplished.
i say this with a smirk on my face because in all reality it was due to me being lazy...

 too lazy to take pictures (which i love doing)
too lazy to write (which actually comes pretty naturally if i don't over think it)
too lazy to put the amount of time in that i use to spend in trying to make this perfect

just keeping it real.

but as it says above - if you still talk about it, you still care about it.
and i do - like, a lot.

i made an industry change with my new job and i feel like i've been missing something.
missing a creative outlet, missing a style identity that i worked really hard on through school,
missing a space that brought me a lot a joy and passion
so i'm back bitches, and i'm leaving the lazy out.

  its time for a face lift, and a little filler around this blog.

xx L

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