Wednesday, November 19, 2014

W O R K B A S I C .

llovestoshare: work basic

W O R K B A S I C .  I feel like this is a common occurrence that many of us face at some point in our lives. You work in a cube where everything is an off-white hue and you deal with numbers all day, so you try to dress sharp, but it comes out basic. P L E A S E tell me I'm not alone. Since my priorities have shifted at 25, all my money goes to rent, bills, and food to stay alive, and whatever is left I either try to stash away in my savings so that I may actually own a home one day before I'm 50 - or it goes to my Starbucks addiction that I am also trying to wean off of. No more blowing all my money at Nordy's, I can only pin my dreams. How is it that these blogger/people I follow manage to have so many amazing clothes and that is their 'work basic' - If you are one of them please send me your slightly worn designer threads that you will probably only photograph once or twice in, and hook a girl up. My wardrobe palette has become a Backstreet Boys album; Black & Blue. The only thing to look forward to is Casual Fridays. xx

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