Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keep it coming.

llovestoshare: keep it coming

We are finally starting to get some much needed rain here. I'm hoping it just down-pours because I seriously have the best rain-boots that my bf got me for Christmas last year, and I have yet to put those babies to good use. Talk about a major fashion crisis - Hunter/ Rag & Bone boots should not be collecting dust. E V E R. I just may need to slip them on when I get home, even if the rain has stopped, to warm them up. So Rain-Gods, if you are listening; bring it. Sincerely, Lauren. This is kinda how I know I made the right choice in moving back home because who else gets this amped about rain - only this girl. The part I could do without are the crappy drivers who freakout like they may die while trying to get anywhere in the rain. Imagine if we actually got real weather storms here, people would loose their shit. I on the other hand have more outerwear than any California girl actually needs, and probably put together my cutest outfits during fall and winter. Honestly though, whether you like the rain or not, we need it so bad. 

And my rain rant is over. 
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