Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bye, November. : Bye, November

The holiday weekend came and went. I ate a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. I spent four days with the ones I love the most, and wish it would have lasted a little longer (and that I had more leftovers in my fridge). I couldn't be more thankful for the life I have. This year has definitely been a transition for me; from changing jobs and industries all together, to most of my friends getting in engaged and moving into big-people-homes and being in my first wedding, to turning 25 (I'll spear you the details) but it all has really helped me in realizing what my goals are as I become "an adult". Weird. I mean really, I remember being 15 and stressing about getting my driving permit, and now its "oh shit, I need to establish some real good credit if I ever what to be concerned for a home loan." I'll save that topic for another post, but my point is we're one month closer to 2015. I'm excited and I want to accomplish a lot in the next year (you can read about those things here). Here are a few pictures from the past weekend. : Bye, November

#OOTD | Black + Merlot + Corduroy | Anthropologie & Nordys : Bye, November

Sugar coated cranberries | I didn't end up using them on my pumpkin pie 
because they were a little too tart but they sure looked festive and pretty! : Bye, November

F I N A L L Y | Hunter / Rag & Bone rain boots came out to play


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  1. love your Pictures :) you are so beautiful.

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    xo J.


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