Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FPME - I need a favor!! Hearts to Home Office

Oh wow I have not posted in quite some time... 
I am looking for some help from anyone (and everyone) who loves fashion, shopping, 
style, and the brand Free People!!

I am reach out in the hopes you may help me in trying to receive a trip back to Philly next month 
to visit the corporate Free People home office ( which is a huge dream of mine!! ).

I am seeking help through the internet because I currently work 40 hours and sadly am unable 
to see anyone lately because I have been putting 120% of my time into my job // 
on top of my boyfriend currently being away at the Rim Fire (Yosemite, California) 
so my off time is spent taking care of our dogs.

I hope you can find a little time to help me out // To me this is much more than a contest, 
it would be more of a blessing! I worked extremely hard to get my Free People job 
(persisting for over a month for even an interview) and then stepping up the past fews months 
to help manage our store in time of need, this would literally mean so much to me!!

This is the Last Week of the contest and I have found out that I am in the 11th spot 
and need to make it into the top 5!! So it is possible!!

The contest is working like this - I have 10 recent style pictures from the month of August 
and those are the only pictures that count, and I need to receive over 100 hearts on each. 
If each of us liked all 10 I would absolutely land in the top 5 without a doubt. 

If in anyway I can help promote or support any important project or dream of your's that 
comes your way please let me know!! I TRULY appreciate to support!!

You do have to create an FPME username but I stand solely behind this brand 
and know you will not receive ridiculous spam. // 
We have a little something for everyone, I promise! 
Check out our thermals, sweaters, jackets, 
and boots for fall.. super cute!

Thank you so much!!!

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