Friday, November 14, 2014

Twenty-five, while Twenty-five.

I'm a list maker.
To make sure I get shit done
I have to have a list.

This is my twenty-five, while twenty-five list
in no particular order.

Meet my savings goal for the year.
(that means putting some away each month)

Setting up Figures and Threads 

Learn to cook.

Explore more + Sight see.

Read more.

Make homemade coffee drinks.
(In order to save money)

Face fears.

Worry less.

Send more snail mail.

Learn Yoga.

Take more pictures.

Laugh everyday.

Enjoying running.

Put together an illustration book.

Give back/ Donate.

More spontaneous date nights.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Master painting my own nails.

Build up my credit.

Attend a fashion event in the city.

Grow a little garden.

Expand my taste for wine & cheeses.

Enjoy the little wins, too.

I've got until 9 . 27 . 15 to complete.
I'm going to make the most of this year
and like I said above - get shit done.



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