Saturday, June 30, 2012


Images via: Lululemon // Nike // Nordstrom

Neons are big this summer, especially in activewear. I have been dying over these Nike Free Runs for a while now and finally decided to splurge (they will be arriving this week). There is seriously something totally motivating about a bright, cheerful pink - right?!
So with one of my new goals to push myself to get my fit on, I'm certain these beauties will help me put on a smile and get it done.
Do you have any secret weapons (like bright shoes) to help you get motivated to hit the gym?

I'm definitely ready to tone up, and in style.

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The Latest.

1. Portfolio Show - dress & bracelets from Luna Boutique // 2. My Portfolio Booth // 3. My friend Nicole & I // 
4. Our caps - Fashion Marketing & Management 2012 // 5. My Mommy

Mmm where did June go?! I have literally been non-stop the last four weeks that I am in disbelief of everything that took place. If you haven't seen on Twitter or Instagram (@llovestoshare), I graduated college and have moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area. 
The "big girl" chapter has begun.

Recap of June:
- Portfolio Show ( 6.13.12 ) // you can check out my work @ 
- Graduation ( 6.15.12 ) with Honors/ Dean's List/ Officer's Medallion
- The big move ( 6.20.12 ) after 4 years of living in Orange County, I'm back home.
- Family time & Goodbyes throughout the whole month

On a personal note - now that I am home I have been in the process of getting my surgery underway to remove my fibroadenoma lump in August. I honestly feel that the past three months have truly tested my inner strength and I'm so ready to kick my body/mind into shape.

Blog Update - I'm Back and ready to start posting. Follow Along ♥    

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