Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yeah, I've got a plan.

It's nice to refresh little things around here.
And as mush as I play with the idea of change,
keeping this blog simple is the way I like it.

At the beginning of October 
I thought I would check out Wordpress 
to start a blog for a new idea
 but I just couldn't take to it 
and missed my space over here.

llovestoshare is for my life. rants. outfits.
and my new baby Figures and Threads 
is going to be for posting. selling. 
my art and closet.

How this idea came to be:

I enjoy drawing, painting, and shopping
and can't keep it all so why not sell it.

I've wanted my own business since I was little.
I can't afford to open a real boutique
but that is the great thing about the internet
no need for a brick-and-mortar,
they have URLs for that.

Since turning 25, 
I always thought that at this age
I would have accomplished more.
I have the big-girl job and have left the nest,
but there are still things I want to add to this list 
and this idea is one of them.

Cheers to myself, 
and to wherever this idea may take me.


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