Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Latest.

1. Portfolio Show - dress & bracelets from Luna Boutique // 2. My Portfolio Booth // 3. My friend Nicole & I // 
4. Our caps - Fashion Marketing & Management 2012 // 5. My Mommy

Mmm where did June go?! I have literally been non-stop the last four weeks that I am in disbelief of everything that took place. If you haven't seen on Twitter or Instagram (@llovestoshare), I graduated college and have moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area. 
The "big girl" chapter has begun.

Recap of June:
- Portfolio Show ( 6.13.12 ) // you can check out my work @ 
- Graduation ( 6.15.12 ) with Honors/ Dean's List/ Officer's Medallion
- The big move ( 6.20.12 ) after 4 years of living in Orange County, I'm back home.
- Family time & Goodbyes throughout the whole month

On a personal note - now that I am home I have been in the process of getting my surgery underway to remove my fibroadenoma lump in August. I honestly feel that the past three months have truly tested my inner strength and I'm so ready to kick my body/mind into shape.

Blog Update - I'm Back and ready to start posting. Follow Along ♥    

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  1. So proud of you, Lauren! You are gorgeous inside and out!!

  2. Congratulations!! All the best to you :)

  3. Your booth looks amazing, you clearly deserved a nice graduation ;-)

  4. so glad you're back! congrats on all the accomplishments :)


  5. girl, you are so pretty! i know this is late, but congrats!!!

    im hosting a giveaway and wanted to personally let you know to enter, if youre interested, its some cute stuff from israel :)

    fly far blog giveaway


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